Board of Directors and employees

The board is the executive arm of the VSUZH. He represents the association externally and is the official contact point for the university, the media, the study associations and the student organizations. Its task is to ensure lively contact with them, to bring important topics to the VSUZH Council, to organize educational policy events and to offer the students leisure opportunities outside of the lectures. He also takes care of the daily business of the VSUZH. This includes the annual budget, the annual accounts and the annual report, as well as the preparation of the council meetings. He also prepares and conducts the elections for the VSUZH Council. The Board of Directors is responsible for fulfilling the tasks and assignments assigned to it by the VSUZH Council. This can be, for example, inquiries, consultations or resolutions, or the organization of actions.


The board of directors meets weekly and can often be found in the office. He is supported in his work by the executive secretary and the communications office. In addition to the co-presidency, the board is divided into various departments. The board of directors and the other positions introduce themselves below.

photo_2020-11-12 10.34.00.jpeg

Isabel Leder

Co-Presidium, UZHGYM project management and education policy

Pio Gino Steiner

Co-Presidium, Education Policy

Natalie Kägi

Actuarial, graphics


Nicolò Bernardi

Study associations, sponsorships, cooperations


Alia Slater

Communication, student organizations

Leonie Barnsteiner

Finance, sponsorships, fundraising


David Schnider

Projects, events, IT

Christine Jüestrich

Executive Secretary

Tobia Diego Nolè

Communications office