The Council and its parties

The VSUZH council is elected every two years and meets regularly during the semester. It is the association's legislature. In the council meetings, the student representatives for various committees are elected, regulations are discussed, amounts of money for student events are handed out and, above all, debates are held on educational policy and internal university issues. For example, in recent years there has been a debate about Open Access, positions on third-party funding at the university and strategies against increasing tuition fees have been discussed as well. The council normally has 70 seats. However, at least three delegates per faculty must be represented; thus the number of seats can increase depending on the situation. Further information can be found under the heading Elections.

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The parties (legislature 2019-21)

Below is an overview of the various parties in the Council. There are currently three different types of parliamentary groups: campus location representatives, study associations and political groups, the ladder of which are not tied to any location or faculty.


The following parties are represented with seats in the VSUZH Council. If you want to find out more about the individual factions, one click will take you to the faction page.


Study easily!

Seats: 15


Critical politics at the universities of Zurich

Seats: 13


Study association of economics

Seats: 11


Interest group Irchel

Seats: 9


Interest group Oerlikon

Seats: 6


Liberal Ecological Students

Seats: 5

SI Recht

Student interest group law

Seats: 5


Student interest group medicine

Seats: 4


Study association of law

Seats: 3

the parties

At the University of Zurich there are various parties that organize themselves within and represent the interests of the students as a group. All candidate students are free to join a party of their choice or to found their own.

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