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Universities serve as role models in many areas. As an institution where research is conducted, and knowledge is collected, taught and lived, the UZH has a weighty and great responsibility. This also applies to the area of sustainability, which is more present than ever in the wake of the climate strike movement. The VSUZH is committed to sustainability at the University of Zurich. This is done, among other things, by the student sustainability commission (NHK).

The NHK is committed to promoting sustainable ways of thinking and acting in both university and student life. On the one hand, the NHK draws attention to grievances and tries (through institutional channels) to improve the situation at UZH, with the focus on teaching, research and infrastructure. The NHK networks with commissions, associations and projects at the UZH, but also with other Swiss universities, as well as with other university institutions (such as the Sustainability Week Zurich) that pursue similar goals in order to achieve progress with united forces. She is committed to sustainable university operations, including through cooperation with the University's Sustainability Commission, the Sustainability Working Group of the Mensa Commission and the Real Estate Development Commission (IEK) of the VSUZH.


Furthermore, awareness of the topic is raised on social media and at various events. The NHK draws attention to ways in which you can make your everyday life more sustainable, as well as to institutional deficits at UZH. For example, it organizes panel discussions or the NH-K-Limabar, where active and interested people can meet and exchange ideas about sustainability.

In spring 2019, the VSUZH Council adopted a position paper on sustainability at UZH. You can find it here.


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