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Study funding

People from a wide variety of backgrounds and jobs study at the University of Zurich. This of course also results in a wide variety of financial situations among the students. Studying is extremely time-consuming - students invest a lot of energy in acquiring knowledge. Tuition fees, rent and groceries can all be a big challenge for many students.

For the VSUZH, it is one of the highest concerns that as many high school graduates as possible have the opportunity to study. Given the current situation, this also means that some of them will be dependent on grants or loans.

Applying for financial aid from the canton or the university is not a sign of failure or inferiority. We all live under a wide variety of conditions and can rely on mutual solidarity and support in between.


In the following we would like to explain to you as simply as possible which options you have and which ones you can turn to.

Guide to your financial aid:     COMING SOON

Job loss and short-time work compensation

If you lose your job, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits too. Did you also know that you are entitled to short-time work compensation if you are assigned less work? The employer must apply for the latter. Official information is available here.

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