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Long-term projects

Education and university policy issues and projects usually drag on for years and must be closely monitored and worked on in detail during this time. However, the time that students spend at the University of Zurich is very limited and it often happens that the supervision of a project has to be handed over to the following generation. In order to pass on the knowledge on a topic one acquired over to the next generation of students, it is important that we always record our work in a meaningful way.


So that some of the big topics can be conveyed to all visitors to our website in the most understandable way possible, we have listed some topics here which are relevant and which also offer you as a student the opportunity to develop interests and perhaps participate yourself. We hope that this will make getting started with your student union a little easier.

DISCLAIMER: The following section is in German only. The topics presented here regard the future university library, and some large construction projects, such as the construction of the Forum UZH, a new building on the main campus. If you have any questions about any of these projects, feel free to contact us.

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