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Rämistrasse 62

In addition to the VSUZH, at Rämistrasse 62 (building abbreviation RAD), you will also find the other representative bodies of the university as well as various study associations and StudOrgs. Thus this place  characterized by a very student-like atmosphere. We look forward to your visit at any time, answer your questions and offer you a hot / cold drink. For us, the RAD is the centre of operation- here we work on current topics every day and discuss our latest ideas.


VSUZH office

The VSUZH can be found on the ground floor of Rämistrasse 62. The most intensively used room is definitely our office. The board comprised of seven people, the communications office and the executive secretary work here day in and day out. Especially Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. someone can always be found here, at other times it happens that we are all in lectures, meetings or in Bern at the VSS .

Legal advice



The legal advice and the Impulsfabrik are two extremely important offers of the VSUZH and advise students in their small, shared office at Rämistrasse 62.


Our legal advice is a free offer which gives students information on legal questions and helps out with valuable tips in difficult topics.

The Impulsfabrik is also free of charge and advises students on student engagement. Since our university is sometimes not particularly easy to understand, they help you get your projects rolling and provide you with the right contact person and explain what it takes so that your good idea does not fizzle out.

Meeting room

The work of your student representatives consists of many working sessions and discussion groups. Our meeting room is used extensively by the board, our commissions and projects.


The meeting room is equipped with a large table, screen, whiteboard and flip chart - creativity can be given free reign.


If you would like to reserve the meeting room for your student engagement, please send us an inquiry to


VSUZH lounge

The VSUZH Lounge is our most flexible and informal space. Here the students have the opportunity to end their meetings or to organize a more relaxed discussion. In addition, the lounge serves as a waiting room for our legal advice.


The lounge is freely accessible to students during the regular building opening hours. If you, as a study association or as a student in general, would like to reserve the lounge, you can send us an email at .



The garden at Rämistrasse 62 serves as a popular place to take a break and now also offers a good view of the extension to the Art Gallery. Smaller meetings take place here on warm days.


The lounge is freely accessible to students during the regular building opening hours. If you as a study association, StuOrg or generally as a student would like to reserve the lounge, you can send an email to send.

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