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Get involved with the project START! Studies - integration preparatory course at the UZH!

Project START!
START! Studies prepares refugees who are interested in studying for training or further education at tertiary level. You can familiarize yourself with the content and requirements of a degree at UZH in order to complete a regular degree later. The program thus contributes to the sustainable integration of refugees into the labor market according to their potential. 

How can you get involved?

START! language cafe

Together with other regular students, you organize a weekly language café during the semester and support the START! students to improve their language skills in German and, if necessary, also in English. Participants can also be supported with questions about orientation at UZH and with study-related administrative tasks.

We expect you to take part in the planning and implementation of the language café at least once a month.

START! Tutoring

In tutoring, you support the refugee participants with individual tutoring in German, English or mathematics. The focus of the tutoring is on conversation and homework and should be seen as a supplement to the existing course offering. Didactic experience is therefore not required. The duration and intensity as well as the content of the tutoring are based on individual agreements. Tutoring is arranged primarily at the beginning of the semester. However, registrations for student tutoring are accepted at any time. Interested parties will be contacted by the project team as soon as there is a need.

We expect you to volunteer 3-4 times a month through tutoring support.

START! Social activities

Together with other regular students you organize a social activity once a month during the semester. Going on excursions together, such as hikes, visits to museums, ice skating, barbecuing and much more, enables further language exchange and offers the opportunity to get to know each other within the START! get to know the community better. Participants can bring their families if the activity allows.

We expect you to get involved in planning and running a social activity once a month.

Study Integration Commission (SIK)

As an honorary member of the study integration commission (SIK) of the VSUZH you support the office START! Studies in the implementation of START! Studies. You help the START! Community and thus form the link between the office and the START! community. You are also responsible for organizing social activities and events as part of START! study responsible.

We expect you to attend 1-2 monthly SIK planning meetings and occasional meetings with the START! office. study.

Find more

If you would like more information or to volunteer, go to the page of START! Studies. 


If you would like to take part in the program as a member of the SIK commission, please register using the registration form below. You are also welcome to take a look at a commission meeting without obligation. 

We are pleased to meet you!

The project is supported by the study integration commission (SIK) of the VSUZH and the department Global affairs coordinated and organized jointly by the University of Zurich.

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What do participants say?

"The cultural exchange with the participants is a great enrichment for me. It's also a lot of fun planning events together and getting to know the work in a committee." 

Jennifer, Commissioner

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