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Get involved with the project START! Studium – a university integration program for refugees at the UZH. Take advantage of this opportunity to become engaged either as a member of the Studiumsintegrationskommission – Study Integration Commission (SIK), a peer group member, a tutor, or an IT coach.

START! Studium prepares refugees interested in studying in Switzerland for the demands of tertiary-level training or further continuing education. In this program, participants familiarize themselves with the contents and requirements of a subject of their choice at the UZH in order to prepare for a possible regular course of study. This program thus contributes to the sustainable integration of refugees into the labor market in line with their potential. 

As a member of the SIK, you have the opportunity to organize social events for all the peer groups, such as game nights, dinners, lectures, excursions, or coffee roundtable discussions. You are also responsible for the coordination of 1-2 peer groups and the tutoring. In addition, as part of the SIK, you may also choose to be a member of a peer group alongside the aforementioned responsibilities.

Each peer group consists of a handful of regular students and refugee program participants. In these peer groups, students support each other with any studies-related questions and issues which may arise and meet regularly to exchange ideas and socialize. This opportunity for social and cultural exchange should be a valuable experience for all involved and is an integral part of the program.

If you would like more information about the program or if you would like to become involved as a member of a peer group without also being a member of the SIK, then go to the START! Study webpage. This also applies if you would like to sign up as a tutor or IT coach. 

If you would like to participate in the program as a SIK commission member, please fill out the registration form below. You are also welcome to drop in spontaneously to our next commission meeting.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

This project is jointly coordinated and organized by the VSUZH Studiumsintegrationskommission (SIK) and the University of Zurich International Relations Office (IRO).

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