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Representative Bodies

At the University of Zurich exist four representative bodies. These are stipulated in the University Act under Section 19 and guarantee a right of co-determination in university matters. The respective professional organizations elect delegates to the university, faculty and institute committees. The professional associations thus assume an important function in the representation of their respective professional members.

Students (S)

As the association of students at the University of Zurich, we represent the Bachelor and Master students at UZH. In addition, the students of the teaching diploma for high school diplomas.

Junior Researchers (WNW)

The VAUZ is the professional organization of enrolled doctoral students (with or without employment at UZH), holders of qualification positions (student assistants, assistants, senior assistants and postdocs).

Senior Researchers and Teaching Staff (FFL)

The advanced researchers and lecturers at the UZH include academic staff, senior physicians and lecturers who have a  Employment and lecturers, whose remuneration is regulated by a secondment agreement.

Administrative and Technical Staff (ATP)

The administrative and technical staff is made up of the people who work at the university  are employed and usually do not work in research or teaching.

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