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Confirmation of student engagement

in your UZH diploma

Together with the UZH, the VSUZH offers the possibility of having your extracurricular commitments acknowledged through a diploma, such as your work in a study association board, for general VSUZH engagement or as a VSUZH board member. This service gives you the chance to present your future employer with a confirmation of where you have been involved alongside your studies.


Please fill out the form below. A PDF is automatically generated, which you should print out, sign and send to us. The applications are collected by us, and if we have received them within the deadline, forwarded together to the student department at the university, which issues the confirmation and sends it to you.


Please note the following!


  • You must submit the form to us at least two months before you graduate.

  • You can specify a maximum of 6 engagements. These must relate to the current degree (engagements from semesters of the previous degree can no longer be shown)

  • The period of engagement is given every semester.

  • If you have any questions or if your commitment is not specified, please feel free to contact us .

Antrag zur Bestätigung des studentischen Engagements an der UZH

Engagement 1

Engagement 2

Engagement 3

Engagement 4

Engagement 5

Engagement 6

Vielen Dank für die Einreichen des Antrags auf Bestätigung von studentischen Engagements.

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