Angebote für Dich

Legal advice


The VSUZH Legal Advice offers free advice on legal issues by law students to all members.




The Impulsfabrik offers advice on student engagement, organizes the Activity Fair and now also takes care of the first semester days.



The UZHGYM is here to provide insight into the university to highschool students - so that the transition runs as smoothly as possible.

Diploma Supplement


Student engagement alongside your studies is extremely important to us. The university acknowledges this as well - have your commitment shown in the diploma.


The VSUZH is always committed to as many high-quality offers as possible. Here you can find the various discounts for students.

Study funding

It is not easy to finance your own studies. Many students are dependent on financial support - we try to explain what is available.

Student housing


Commuting can be very exhausting and moving closer to the university is a sensible step. Finding an apartment is not always easy though - here are some resources.


At the university there are various offers to help you out in difficult situations during your studies. Do not hesitate to use them.

additional offers


Here we have summarized various services that we can offer you and are waiting for you.