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Personal integrity

Protection against sexual harassment

All members of UZH should treat each other with respect. However, to protect everyone, it is of great importance that a regulation clearly states that sexualized harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


Official information from UZH

Here you will find the official UZH office where you can report if you have been affected by sexualized harassment in any way. Actions perceived as crossing borders can be discussed here in a protected, anonymous and independent/neutral setting. Possible further action steps and consequences are shown. Legal clarification procedures can be initiated.

Definition of sexualized harassment

Any action with a sexual reference that is undesirable from one side and/or that degrades a person because of their gender. For example, unwanted advances and devaluations of any kind in the form of gestures, statements, representations and actions; unwanted physical contact, sexually derogatory references.

Source: Commission RSB UZH

Protection against sexualized harassment through Swiss criminal law:

• Protection of sexual integrity and self-determination

• Protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation (Article 261bis StGB i.d.F. Referendum on February 9th, 2020)

• Serious assaults are subject to punishment or a fine.

Further help

The Psychological Counseling Center of the UZH and ETH are at your disposal for psychological problems with individual or group appointments. Make an appointment either by email or by phone: 
044 634 22 80

Student contact persons

If for any reason you do not want to go directly to the official office of the university, two student contacts from the Equal Opportunities Committee of the VSUZH are available to you. In a confidential conversation you can share your experience with the contact person. The contact person has no professional background and therefore serves primarily as a low-threshold and personal point of contact.

You can contact us by email at:

Discretion is maintained in all cases!

We currently have a contact person for the genders female and male - we currently lack a TIN person.

You are welcome to indicate a preference when contacting us, if you wish.

Legal advice

Our legal advice is also happy to assist you. Our legal advice generally recommends that contact with the university should be sought first.

To our legal advice

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