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The VSUZH is the public corporation of the students of the University of Zurich. As the official representative for the concerns and interests of students at the University of Zurich at the university and cantonal level, it is committed to networking the student associations and organizations of the UZH. At the national level, the VSUZH is involved in university policy issues as a member of the VSS (Association of Swiss Student Unions). In addition, the VSUZH offers its members a wide variety of services such as numerous discounts and advice centers.

It is not easy to have an overview of the organization of the students at UZH as well as their possibilities and tasks. The following organizational chart shows in a very simple way how the VSUZH, the professional associations and other student organizations differ from each other. English version coming soon.


It is particularly important for us that the students at the University of Zurich are aware that each and every one of them has the opportunity to vote for the candidates of the VSUZH Council every two years. This gives the students the opportunity to delegate the people from their midst, whom they trust to make the right decisions.

What should be emphasized is the fact that each and every student at UZH can be elected to the VSUZH board and almost all commissions - even if you are not a VSUZH board member yourself. This allows students to be selected by the council for the positions in which they want to get involved and achieve change.


© 2020 Association of Students of the University of Zurich

The students volunteer at the VSUZH and for very few offices it is necessary that one has prior knowledge. So it can be extremely interesting, especially for students in the first semester, to join the VSUZH in order to stand up for the topic that is particularly close to their hearts. It often takes one or even two semesters to find out for yourself how everything works and which options are open to you. The great thing about the student engagement is that we can learn a lot from each other and grow together as a student association. At our huge university it is easy to get lost in a topic and before you know it, you have acquired a considerable amount of expertise.

The University of Zurich would not exist without the students, we are an integral part of our university. Every day we acquire more knowledge in our respective fields, listening to various lecturers in our lessons, seminars, exercises and internships. We know firsthand what it can mean to learn at UZH and to provide evidence of performance. We are acquainted with our fellow students and have an extremely valuable view of what is happening at our university. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we reflect our experiences back to the relevant people at our university and discuss what the current situation is like and in which direction we are going together. We would therefore like to encourage all students to stand up for the future of our university.


We are very happy to be reached out to at any time digitally by email or in person in our office at Rämistrasse 62 . We are always happy to answer any questions and are happy to advise you on all matters related to student engagement.

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