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VSUZH Stübli

Learn, relax, discuss, create!

The Stübli should be used as it is needed.

Use the swap meet, attend a game night, organize a meeting, the Stübli is as versatile as the UZH students. Enjoy the freedom and be creative!


Use that

room like that

like you

it need.

For whom?

The Stübli is made by students for students and is mainly used for learning and chilling.


But regardless of whether it's a chill-out or a learning session, a microwave, coffee machine and kettle are available for you to make your stay in the Stübli as pleasant as possible.



Our VSUZH Stübli or in its UZH name Y10-F-24is located at the bottom of the Irchel campus on the right hand side.


I agree

the room?

- at the Irchel!

Börse 2.JPG

Pinboards & swap meet


Everything has its place with us! did you clear out

Then, for example, bring your old study books or pocket calculator to the Stübli and place them on the book exchange shelf or general exchange shelf.


Are you looking for something? do you offer

Then use our "Marketplace" pinboard, where you can search for and offer a new flat share member, student association board or room table.


And lastly, are you hosting an event?

Then fully pin our “Students for Students” section!

Board 1.JPG



If possible, the Stübli should always be open to all students, especially during the learning phases. We would also like to support student events.

The Stübli can be booked on request from us on the siteMaterial and space reservations  to be reserved. A deposit of CHF 150 is charged for reservations.


Games, getting to know each other or information evenings, the Stübli for quieter events. Everything that is louder or associated with food and drink should take place in the Irchelbar.


Events can currently be held in the Stübli between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. If furniture is moved, it must be put back in its original place before it is returned. The organizers should take photos before and after the event.

Lounge 3.JPG



The VSUZH Stübli has a separate room for group work or meetings. Reservations are to be entered on the whiteboard in the meeting room.

Sitzungszimmer 1_edited.jpg



Use the Stübli kitchen to warm up your food, provide your tea bag with hot water or use the capsule coffee machine.

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