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The Filmstelle is a commission of the VSETH and the VSUZH. Every semester, it has multiple showings of film masterpieces that are tied to a specific theme. Here you not only get to see new blockbusters, but also timeless classics from all over the world.


culture place

If you feel like going to a concert, a theater, an opera, jazz music, ballet or an author reading, stop by the Kulturstelle or subscribe to their newsletter. Every month you can get discounted tickets for selected performances. There are even tickets for events that are otherwise already sold out.



Debating Club

Debates on top of debates: you can do that in the debating club. Political, economic and fundamental questions about the world are discussed at regular meetings. Participants take part in tournaments to gain experience, meet new faces and get in touch with other clubs. Basically, the focus is on having fun debating.


Photo commission

The Photo Commission operates analog and chemical photo laboratories for the development and enlargement of black and white films and provides you with a workplace for digitizing analog photographs, negatives and slides. A professional flash system can be rented on a weekly basis. In addition, introductory courses and workshops are offered and photographs are exhibited.


dance quotient

Are you up for a dance? - Are you looking for an affordable dance course with other students? The availability of dance courses in Zurich is plentiful, but unfortunately it does not always fit into the student budget. That is why the idea arose to create the «Tanzquotient» (TQ) and to specifically promote dancing among the students at affordable prices. Despite the holidays and exams, over 20 dance courses are always well filled. Tanzquotient offers free trainings and organizes dance events. But other student dance projects such as show groups or tournament dance are also supported as much as possible.



The PapperlaPub is a bar by and for students. Here you can stop by for a cozy after-work drink with your fellow students. In addition, there are always special events, such as a pub quiz or beer pong. 

Where? ETH CAB building, room D-21

When? every Wednesday during the semester from 6 p.m



The GECo is the Gaming and Entertainment Committee of the VSETH and VSUZH. We support the connection between gamers at the ETH. We organize LAN parties and public viewings for students who are interested in videogames and esports.


Where? CAB Building of the ETH, Room E-13, Universitätstrasse 6

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