Council meetings

The stance of the VSUZH is determined at the council meetings of the VSUZH. Decisive positions are taken, projects are approved or the distribution of financial resources is discussed. The meetings, the associated dispatch and the meeting logs are all publicly available.

Session dates

The meetings take place once a month during the semester and generally start at 6.15 p.m. The exact dates can be found in our calendar and on the website.


The deadline for submitting items on the agenda is 10 days before the meeting. Agenda items submitted too late can unfortunately only be considered at the following council meeting. The meeting documents are sent out one week before the meeting. At the same time, the documents will be made available on the website.

76th meeting

Date: 21. september 2022

Location: KO2-F-152

Time: 6.15 p.m.

Dates Spring semster 2022

76. Ratssitzung - 21. september 2022, KO2-F-152

77. Ratssitzung - 19. october 2022, Y24-G-55

78. Ratssitzung - 16. november 2022, AFL-F-121

79. Ratssitzung - 07. december 2022, KO2-F-152

All information is subject to change. The invitation, 7 days before the meeting, will describe the exact implementation modalities.

Council documents archive

All documents from the previous VSUZH meetings have been collected by us and are freely accessible via the following link.

If you are interested in the meetings, the organization, the opportunity to participate or general questions, you can drop by at Rämistrasse 62 or contact us by email at