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In addition to the board and the council, the delegates in the commissions and bodies are central to the work in the VSUZH. The students engaged in these work on specific topics or subject areas and report to the council and board on their work. This in turn is used as the basis for decisions in the council and board.


The subjects of the commission's work are as diverse as life at the university itself. Areas that affect university learning and life and are discussed in terms of university policy. For example, the Sustainability Commission works to ensure that not only the VSUZH, but the entire UZH adapts and implements its strategies for the sake of the environment. Another example would be the service commission, which regularly organizes events such as speed dating, sports days or the powder festival. We also have a seat on the university commissions and can work directly with UZH. The work in the various committees is crucial for the development of student life and is at the heart of student engagement.

Free seats

Are you interested in a seat or do you have any questions? Then contact us by email at!

Vacant seats will be filled at the next VSUZH council meeting - please contact us in good time.


All you need to know

You can find a description of all commissions under the following link:

To find out more about the work in the commissions and current topics, it is worth reading the commissions' semester reports.

UZH values the commitment of the students - you can have your voluntary work confirmed with your diploma.

VSUZH Vorstand

Student Commissions

The student commissions are made up exclusively of students. Some of these commissions are set up for a limited time to deal with short-term issues. This includes, for example, collecting arguments for or against an increase in tuition fees or planning and implementing a survey on the Oerlikon location.


The following student commissions exist for an unlimited period and are laid down in the VSUZH's statutes:

  • Education Policy Commission (BiKo)

  • Service Commission (DLK)

  • Objection Committee of the VSUZH (ESK)

  • Finance Commission (FiKo)

  • Financial Planning Commission (FPK)

  • Business Audit Committee (GPK)


The following student commissions are also active:

  • VSUZH Equal Opportunities Commission (GSK VSUZH)

  • Historical Commission (HiKo)

  • IT Commission (InKo)

  • SUZ Commission (SUZ)

  • Sustainability Commission (NHK)

  • Night seminar

  • Legal Advisory Commission (ReBeKo)

  • Trial Program Commission (SPK)

  • Students Bar Commission (StuBaKo)

  • Student Congress Commission (StuKo)

University commissions

Students have a say in most university bodies and commissions. Whether it is about the restructuring of the UZH libraries, the financial plans of the university or the offerings in the cafeteria: you can listen in and have a say!


  • Library Commission

  • Disciplinary Committee

  • Ethics committee

  • Extended University Management (EUL)

  • Study Funding commission (grants / loans)

  • Research Commission

  • Commission for Equality

  • International Relations

  • Jury Team Effort

  • KET first semester commission

  • Teaching committee

  • Teaching loan allocation committee

  • Teaching Award Committee

  • Reading room commission

  • Refectory Commission

  • Sustainability Commission

  • Young Talent Promotion Commission

  • Psychological student counseling

  • Senate

  • Commission for studying with disabilities

  • University Council (UR)

  • UZH interdisciplinary

  • Advanced Education Commission

  • Admissions Committee

VSS commissions

Here you will find all organs and thematic commissions of the VSS (umbrella organization of the VSUZH, responsible for national university policy), in which delegates of the VSUZH have one or multiple seats.


  • Section Council

  • Assembly of Delegates (DV)

  • Commission for International Affairs and Solidarity Work (CIS)

  • University Policy Commission (HoPoKo)

  • Equality Commission (CodEg)

  • Social Commission (SoKo)

  • Finance Commission (CoFi)

Foundations and boards of directors

The VSUZH has delegates in many foundations and boards:


  • ASVZ board

  • Loan Fund

  • Hardship Fund

  • Kosta

  • Monitor GV

  • Monitor board

  • MVZS board of directors

  • Solidarity fund for foreign students in Zurich

  • Student Housing Foundation (SSWZ)

  • WoKo GV

  • WoKo board

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