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The VSUZH's UZHGYM (University of Zurich and Gymnasium) project in cooperation with the UZH Central Student Advisory Service is a project by students for high school students to make the transition between school and university easier for them.


With the help of presentations and the opportunity to contact a buddy, high schoolers can get an insight into the university and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with students and ask questions about studies, student life or the like.


The project developed from the parent project "HSGYM": Around 500 Zurich high school teachers and lecturers from the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich and two universities of applied sciences set out together in 2006 to improve the transition from high school to universities. The publication “Hochschulreife und Studierfähigkeit – Zürcher Dialog an der Schnittstelle mit Analysen und Empfehlungen zu 25 Fachbereichen” presented over 200 suggestions for optimizing this interface in 2008. A cantonal project management team and 20 specialist conferences (HSGYM network) have since been committed to the concrete implementation of selected recommendations.

You can find more information about the project such as presentation dates, buddies, etc. on our website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact .

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