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This is a first prototype - we love book recommendations and we want to offer a platform through which we can exchange our favorite books. If something does not work or there is potential for improvement, send us some feedback at .

NOTE: The registration period for this semester has already expired. It is still possible to register, but the registration will not be considered. We will announce the new registration deadline in our first newsletter of the autumn semester 2021.

Are you a bookworm Do you have more time for yourself again due to a lack of club visits? Then you can read a book again!

The VSUZH is organizing the flying book exchange this semester! In the future, it should take place once a semester and should help book fanatics and those who want to become one to think outside the box. Each time you should choose a book on a certain topic or genre and send it to someone who is new to you.


The cost of the book and shipping are carried by the participants. However, you will also receive a book from someone on your side. If you are not the quiet reader type, you can also add further contact details to your mailing, send a postcard, or make notes in the book!

This is a pilot project. We hope you like it! In the absence of registrations, it can of course also be the case that it no longer takes place in autumn. This semester the topic is: My favorite book.

Further information and instructions for the book swap will be available to you around April 5th.


After the registration period has expired, you will receive an email with the address of your “buddy”. Please send a book to the appropriate address within 2 weeks. You should also get a book on your side within the same amount of time.

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