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incoming FS21

Welcome to UZH!

happy you are here

First things first - we welcome you to UZH and are glad that you made it this semester!


We are certain that it is not easier than any other semester to get the information you need, starting your studies in Zurich. We hope you'll find all the information you need otherwise feel free to ask people around you - we are all always happy to help: D


Where you should find relevant information besides what you already receive (d):


Please read everything carefully.


Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

Information on entering Switzerland


UZH COVID Infos for students

Contact or +41 44 635 49 29


Student organization of your field of study


us - your student association or +41 44 634 21 29


dealing with covid

Anyone who may have become infected with the new coronavirus or anyone who has at any point in the past 14 days spent time in a state or area where there is an increased risk of infection, one must go into quarantine according to the Swiss federal office of public health.


The quarantined person should stay at home or in some other suitable accommodation and not leave for any reason. In case of falling ill, one should avoid all contact with other people in order to prevent the spread of the virus.


- Information on entering Switzerland

- Isolation and Quarantine (not only for entering Switzerland but also if tested positive or living with someone tested positive)

- Coronavirus contact tracing app

- Emergency medical consultation canton Zurich → 0800 33 66 55




in case of quarantine (or in general):

Food can be expensive in Switzerland, so if there is an option to get basic groceries picked up
by friends, roommates or delivered by a delivery service if you are stuck at home.



- Too Good To Go → someone will have to pick it up for you, cheap, fighting food waste.

- → generic food delivery service.

- UberEats → generic food delivery service.


Local supermarkets with at home delivery options:
- Migros


we are not really up to date on every option that exists - check with friends and other students what they know and recommend.

HS20 Vor Ort.png

What about my lectures?

Although the new semester is about to start. Many things are still uncertain and information tend to differ from department to department. You might be informed differently than someone else studying another subject at UZH. Always rely on the infos you got directly to your UZH mail. And if in doubt ask more than once;)


Currently we are planning that every course will be held online, some courses laboratory courses might be held at Uni and for exams it is highly dependable on your department.


And just in case, be ready for anything to change suddenly: D


A huge part of Uni is to get in touch with other students, try new things and learning from each other.

Many of us are currently focusing on making as many things available online that once was provided in person. This can go from discussing an article over having a movie night, joining a speed dating event, going skiing to visiting a concert or play.


General tips

Check our Newsletter, Discord , Instagram , Calendar , landing page and Facebook .

(Special remark; we try to include every event organized by students and of high relevance to us in our calendar.)


Keep in touch with the student organization of your field of study. Cunning


Check out the list of other student organizations at UZH. They are focused on a specific topic and are open to every student. → Cunning



There is a social media app which is widely used by students that is called Jodel , there you might be able to get in touch with other students and find help.


Be open and take every possibility to connect with other students.


We all need Help from time to time


Do not hesitate

It is part of being a student to get in situations where you feel like losing the very ground beneath your feet. People are kind and want to help you, if you ever feel like talking or need assistance .


We have a small collection of a few services that help you out in time of need:

Support Services

We Wish you best of luck and a lot of awesome experiences this spring!

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