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There is a wide range of dance options in Zurich, but unfortunately it doesn't always fit into the student budget. That's why the idea came up to set up the "Tanzquotient" (TQ) and specifically promote dancing among the students at affordable prices. The TQ is a joint commission of the VSUZH and the VSETH. The first intensive workshops and dance evenings took place in the summer of 2008. The courses, which were well filled despite the holiday and exam periods, confirm that there is a demand for a wide range of dance options.

In the meantime, the team has grown significantly and has more than 20 dance courses in the program, it also offers free training and organizes dance events. However, other student dance projects such as show groups or tournament dance are also supported as far as possible. In particular, the group wants to cultivate the social aspect of dancing. So they are always thinking about new events and, for example, work together with the Polyband or organize show groups for the Polyball.

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