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UZH Survival Guide

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Before starting your studies, finding entry into the University of Zurich is associated with many more challenges than you might imagine. Looking back, from the perspective of students who have already been studying for several semesters at UZH, it is often underestimated how much they did not know at the beginning. We hope that you already had the opportunity to getin touch with the university during high school - maybe even with our UZHGYM project.


We want to hope that you found this survival guide at a suitable time and that you can take some useful information with you! No matter what problem you encounter at a university with 27,000 students, you are certainly not alone. And you are not alone if you do not have a problem - there are many different ways to meet other students outside of the lecture, exercise or seminar and pursue a hobby or just be together.

If you have any questions you can of course still reach us in the office at Rämistrasse 62 or by email at .

Your place at the university

Being able to study is probably one of the most beautiful things there is. We are allowed to deal with topics that are more important to us than anyone else. And not only that, we are also trained to be experts in these fields, so that, ideally, we can still follow our dreams after our studies. With these praiseworthy conditions everything should run smoothly, right? As we have all learned, questions are usually not just affirmative or negative.
Yes, we want everyone to be able to study without any problems and be satisfied at any time. But the courses and everything surrounding them are presented with various challenges. This starts with problems in the study curriculum, continues through study reforms, study financing, questions about living space, psychological stress, promotion of interdisciplinarity and innovation, new buildings, library reforms up to national and international education policy. The university lives from our commitment - we help determine the direction of the university.
The students themselves usually know very well what they need and have a feeling for what could be improved and where something is missing. This is exactly where we in the student association come in. The VSUZH works daily on different levels for the well-being of the students. We are there to ensure that your studies at UZH get even better and that you can concentrate on the things that are important to you!

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