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StuCon 2021

16-17 April 2021


The 2nd students’ conference (StuCon) was conceived as a scientific conference by students for students. The organization of the two-day interdisciplinary and national conference is handled by a committee of five people who are responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the event. The conference is open to students from all Swiss universities as a platform for showing off their scientific work, with lectures and discussions as well as cross-disciplinary, critical exchange. The main goal is to appreciate student research, as well as to foster innovative, interdisciplinary networking in the university and research landscape in Switzerland. The committee is subordinate to the organization of the VSUZH and is divided into the four departments administration, communication, graphics and finance.

The responsibility for administration rests with Yves Périllard & Apiraam Arularakilan, communications with Rachida Meier, the graphics resort with Ari Kurki and finances with Rafael Wespi. They are also responsible for answering conference related questions.


These questions may primarily be directed to:


For specific inquiries: (Administration) (Website/Graphic Design) (Finance)

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