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Zürinews interview on the housing situation in Zurich

TeleZüri Zürinews report from 06.03.2023 on the topic of housing in Zurich with Laura Galli (Co-President VSUZH)

Transcription: Stefan Rader and Arista Roduner

Pascal Meister: Space is scarce. Especially in the city of Zurich, there is hardly a free flat, especially for students it is almost impossible to find a room in a shared flat. First of all, there are already no [free flats] and if there are, they are extremely expensive. That's why more and more [students] live at home or put up with long distances. Vanessa Meier and Pascal Meister [presentation and reporting].

Meister: Samuel from Germany is one of the students who looked for a flat for more than half a year.

Samuel: I wrote about 50 applications last year. However, I only got about five replies.

Meister: Many people feel the same way. Housing in the city is really scarce. Especially when a room has to be affordable for students with low incomes. That's why it's not possible for many to live in the city.

Samuel: In the end, I had to come up with an emergency solution first. I lived in Bern for the time being and commuted here.

Person 2: I still live at home with my parents.

Meister: Why?

Person 2: Because it hasn't been possible for me to move out yet, because it wouldn't be worth it.

Person 3: It takes some time and also some vitamin B.

Meister: VSUZH is also committed to affordable flats for students. But they can't do it alone.

Laura Galli (Co-President VSUZH): We would like to see more support from the city and the canton for such shared flats and cooperatives in order to be able to offer as many rooms and flats as possible at a reasonable price.

Meister: The responsible city councillor Daniel Leupi is aware that there is a housing shortage. He takes these demands seriously.

Daniel Leupi: The city is constantly working on projects. I can mention the example "Rosengarten". I can mention the example of "Fogo" [project by SEW, AOZ and Juwo]. I can mention the example of Letzigrund. In the last two or three years, a few projects with a few hundred student flats have been built or are in the process of being built.

Meister: To be able to carry this burden, you need to work together.

Leupi: Regarding the education location of Zurich, where the canton has a university, the federal government and the ETH are also part of it. You can't just boast about great university ratings, you also have to assume social responsibility and help students find affordable housing. In my view, the federal government and the canton are clearly called upon to do this.

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