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Your first semester

Welcome to the uni-Verse!

We are the VSUZH, the Association of Students of the University of Zurich. And for your ULTIMATE UNISTART, we have compiled the most important information for the start of your student life on this page.

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Have fun and welcome to UZH!

You in the
VSUZH board

From your first semester you can apply for
use the student voice at the UZH,
create new projects and
Gain experience as leader of an entire association.


All information here!

We look forward to you!

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 getting started

Lies Das Ersti.png

Lies das / read this

Our guide to getting you started at UZH!


When you start at the University of Zurich, you will be confronted with a multitude of new tasks and questions. So that your start can run as smoothly as possible, the students at UZH have created an accompanying booklet in recent years, which should give them a broader understanding for the ins and outs of your university.

Lies Das Ersti.png
Lies Das / Read This
Lies Das Ersti.png
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 For you from us


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Stars 1.png

As a welcome gift we have organized a raffle for you! With a little luck you can win a Nintendo Switch, free movie tickets, a tattoo and much more! Click through at the slideshow to find out all about the great prizes. 


To enter, fill out the form below by September 30. The winners will be drawn at the beginning of October and notified by mail.


We are looking forward to your participation and wish you good luck!

The raffle for this year is closed. Come back in the fall semester of 2023 for cool prizes!

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Must go events



This year's Ersti Fair will take place on September 15-16 (UZH Center) and on September 19 (Irchel Campus) from 12-16.  At the Ersti Fair, the Central Services of the UZH will present themselves at the Center as well as at the Irchel Campus, which will accompany you throughout your studies. We, the VSUZH and the Impulsfabrik, will be present at a booth on all days. Feel free to stop by and pick up a "Ersti-Bag" with great welcome gifts!

Activity Fair & VSUZH Chill
PlakatAF HS.png

Activity Fair & VSUZH Chill

Also visit us at our booth at the Activity Fair two weeks later! The Activity Fair will take place on September 29 from 09:30-16:30 in the atrium of the UZH Center at Rämistrasse 71. Various student organizations, professional associations and commissions will present themselves to the students in the atrium of the center! Let yourself be inspired by the numerous offers and find out what the university has to offer for the "life beyond studying"!

Fresh(wo)men Party


You can't miss the infamous freshman party! As a UZH student, you can attend the party in the club MÄX for free if your student ID shows a matriculation number like this 22-xxx-xxx.


The party starts on September 23rd at 11:00 pm.

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Introducing VSUZH

Your student association!

Vorstand Juli 22.JPG

from left to right:

Marina, Yael, Thomas, Leonie, Pio, Leo, Sandro, Laura

The University of Zurich wouldn't exist without you, us, the students. We make up a significant part of our university and sometimes know best what it means to study. The assessments and ideas of the students are extremely important for the future of the university - the University of Zurich Students Association, VSUZH, is here to concentrate them and direct them to where they can be implemented. We are your official representation at UZH and you can be part of it! Whether as an elected council member, delegate or board member, there are numerous opportunities to stand up for the topics that are important to you!

You in the
VSUZH board

From your first semester you can apply for
use the student voice at the UZH,
create new projects and
Gain experience as leader of an entire association.


All information here!

We look forward to meeting you!

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With your membership you confirm that students have a say at the university and enable a variety of offers and events.


Your membership gives you access to competitions, discounted tickets for cultural offers, festivals, leisure activities, sports days, speed dating, and the option of free legal advice.


Find out more about our offers and events here .


The work that is the least visible to everyone is the one done through dialogue with various groups.

We stand up for the interests of the students in our council, commissions, committees, working groups, support groups, sounding boards , monitoring, etc.

In doing so, we rely on the cooperation with the study associations and the openness of the university so that every single person can be heard.


The students experience every day what it means to study and quickly develop a feeling for what is important for the study and where there is potential for improvement.


The door is always open to you to get involved in VSUZH. You can find out more here.


am i a member?

When you enroll for the first time, it is very possible that you do not yet know what the VSUZH is and does. When you enrolled for a degree program, you had the option of making three voluntary contributions:

  • Foundation “Student Union Loan Fund” with CHF 7

  • Foundation “Solidarity Fund for Foreign Students in Zurich" with CHF 5

  • Membership fee for the Association of Students of the University of Zurich (VSUZH) with CHF 14

So it may be that you are not sure whether you are a member of the VSUZH or not. This is very easy to check, because your membership for the current semester is always visible on your validated student ID.

Help is important!

The beginning of your studies is usually associated with a lot of changes and new challenges. You belong to one of thousands of new students and are never alone with your questions, problems or fears.

You can get help from different sources:

Fellow students

We're all sitting in the same boat. Ask the person next to you - maybe this is the beginning of a new friendship.



Our lecturers have already taught many first-semester students and have chosen this profession because they want to help you.


Study association

Students with a lot of experience are in your study association, and as your representatives, they are always willing to actively support you and supplement your studies in a meaningful way.



We represent you on a university-wide level and in particular take on the topics that affect us all, including teaching under COVID.



Do you need someone to talk to the Nightline takes care of your worries (044 633 77 77). Its an anonymous call service provided by students for students.


Psychological counseling center

If the pressure or stress becomes too great, a visit to the psychological counseling center can be more than worthwhile.

We wish you good luck!

We wish you all a great start to your studies - there is a great time ahead of you. Brave yourselves in!


Your VSUZH board

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