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At the university you can have a say in what your studies should look like. With your matriculation you are part of the student body at the University of Zurich. It's up to you to make university a great experience for everyone. The full package of co-determination and great services is available to you if you stay a member of the VSUZH for just 14 francs each time you enroll in the semester. An important task for you is to elect a motivated and active VSUZH council every two years. All 27,000 students should cast their vote - including you. The student parliament consists of at least 70 members and implements your ideas for a better university in cooperation with professional associations and student organizations. All VSUZH members can be elected to university commissions by the VSUZH Council. Most of all you can help shape the university if you are actively committed to the VSUZH. Will you soon be a student delegate or a member of the VSUZH executive? You can find some of the exciting ways to get involved in the following sections.

In the VSUZH

How can you contribute to the VSUZH? Your influence on the association begins with membership . You can apply for this when you enroll in the semester or redeem it with us afterwards. You can just drop by our office or write us an email . With your membership, you enable student participation and student networking at the University of Zurich. The VSUZH represents the students to various institutions, including the UZH and the public, and supports other student organizations. Membership also offers other advantages. You will receive our exclusive member newsletter, you can take part in exclusive VSUZH member raffles and get discounts on all events and tickets.


The VSUZH is also involved in various commissions . The service commission organizes, for example, events such as speed dating, the sports day or the powder festival. Another important commission is the Education Commission. She deals with educational policy at the university and also writes position papers. The VSUZH also sends student representatives to university commissions. There the committee members can exchange ideas directly with various contact persons at the university. Here you can find more information about the commissions and a full list of them.


The VSUZH Council is in place to legitimize the actions of the VSUZH . This is elected every two years and meets once a month during the semester. The council meetings are public, which means that you can just come by and have a look around without obligation. How can you get involved and what does the Council do? The council is a college parliament, which is composed of different parliamentary groups that pursue different interests. You can find a detailed description of the Council and the political groups here. There you will also find the contact details of the political groups. If you are interested in a specific faction, you can simply contact them! At the council meetings it is determined how the student representation should look like. That means board members and committee members are elected. Position papers and budget proposals are also discussed.


Would you like to gain insight into the core of the VSUZH? Then join the board! The executive board deals with the operational business and consists of seven people, two of whom form the co-presidium. The board members are divided into departments, such as finance, communication, events and more. Working on the Executive Board allows you to get to know students from other disciplines and also different people from other departments at UZH. The aim of the board is to represent the students in their rights and to strengthen them. There are always vacant board positions. Stay informed via our social media, website or contact us by email .

Outside the VSUZH

In addition to the VSUZH, there are a lot of committed people in the study associations and various StudOrgs. On this page you will find all information about the associations at UZH.

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