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The Corona Virus surprised us all in a variety of areas. Last Spring the UZH switched its program to contact-free teaching as quickly as possible.

The UZH is prepared to maintain digital teaching. This does not mean that everything will surely run without issues. Many things have to prove themselves. As students, we will have to actively address uncertainties, problems or wishes.

So try to actively approach your fellow students or lecturers. Do not ask too few questions - the earlier something is addressed, the easier!

Date: April 24-29

After 10 years of solidarity for student interests, we want to offer you a week to celebrate us, the UZH students, together.

Mini-Foodfest VSUZH Jubiläum (Insta - 1080 × 1080px).png

Food Fest

Are you ready for a culinary adventure? We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the VSUZH with a mini food festival from April 24th to 28th, 2023 in front of the main building of the UZH (KOL). There are delicious delicacies from pizza, gyros, Mexican, Egyptian, crêpes, banh mi to burgers! Come by and let yourself be seduced by the different flavors!

 (free) Desserts in the canteen

As a gift to you, you will receive a free dessert from us during the week with your lunch menu in the main canteens at Zentrum and Irchel. Variety is guaranteed, every day we offer you a new treat.

So grab it while you still have it!


X - anniversary party

A round birthday also needs a real birthday party. That's why we organized the first party in the Lichthof Zentrum for ages for you.

So be there when we turn the university into a party jungle.

You can find more informationhere.

Date: Sat 29 April
Location: atrium center
Supported by:
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