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What is the VSUZH?

The VSUZH is the official representation of students at the University of Zurich. Membership is voluntary and can be entered into when registering for the semester - or in urgent cases directly with us. The VSUZH is a public corporation: It has its own legal personality and can act independently.

what does the VSUZH do?

The main tasks of the VSUZH are student representation, participation, and the student services related to studying. The VSUZH is committed to the interests of students in education policy; he helps shape the teaching of tomorrow at the university. He represents the students in the extended university management, has a seat on the university council - the highest body of the university - and he represents the students in many university commissions such as the canteen commission, the library commission, the ASVZ and many others. The VSUZH is committed to enriching and improving student life and offers services that make everyday student life easier. In doing so, it makes a contribution to the UZH campus and thus networks the students. The VSUZH is still quite young since it was founded in 2013, and we are constantly expanding our range.

what does the VSUZH want?

The VSUZH gives the students of the University of Zurich a voice! Because only if we have a say can we influence teaching and influence things when it comes to reforms in education and our future. Our education is our future and we have a say in that. The VSUZH makes life easier for students. The university is a jungle, especially at the beginning of ones studies, and the VSUZH helps all students to look through the jungle of rules and regulations. The VSUZH accompanies the students from the first semester days through student life. The VSUZH makes everyday life at the university student-friendly and enables interested parties to implement their own projects and ideas.

Why do I stay a member?

In order to represent the interests of all students, it is important that as many students as possible are members - including you! We want to influence the teaching of tomorrow and today's student life. The more members, the more weight and authority. In addition, the VSUZH offers discounts that are only available to members of the VSUZH. For example, free entry to the cinema screenings at the Filmstelle or cheaper tickets for the theater and concerts with the Kulturstelle.

Why do I get involved?

So that you can implement your own ideas about education, teaching and the university of tomorrow. But also because it's fun. You learn something, implement projects, lead teams, get used to reading into complicated dossiers and negotiate skillfully with representatives of the university. All this in order to implement your ideas for a more sustainable university or better parties for students. If you are committed to the VSUZH, you are not only doing something for yourself, but also for all the other 27,000 students.

Who is behind the VSUZH?

The students are behind the VSUZH: The legislature - the VSUZH council - is elected every two years by all students. The council in turn elects the board - the executive branch - of the VSUZH. The council members also determine the student representation in the various committees. The VSUZH is therefore every individual. We can all determine where to go with the VSUZH.

Why membership fees?

In order to be able to represent you, financial resources for the secretary, website, infrastructure and printing costs are necessary. The services we offer you also mean expenses for the VSUZH. We also support events from other student organizations. Since the board of the VSUZH represents the concerns of the 27,000 students and bears a great deal of responsibility with its commitment, it receives an expense allowance.

What happens to my membership fees now?

The VSUZH is financed through membership fees. According to the VSUZH statutes, these are then used to promote student welfare throughout the university. Under Organization> Administrative> Finances you will find our annual financial statements, which can give you even more detailed insight into what we use our funds for.

The VSUZH also promotes

other student engagement?

Yes, because the VSUZH is the central hub for student engagement at the UZH. Part of the membership fees should go to the study associations to support them in their work. The study associations are, however, organizationally and legally separate from the VSUZH and, according to the University Act, take on student representation at institute and faculty level. The study associations and the VSUZH always strive for the closest possible cooperation. In the future, many events are to be organized by the VSUZH together with the study associations. Specific financial support is also conceivable. The VSUZH also supports student organizations at the University of Zurich. For example, student organizations can use the communications infrastructure or apply for financial support. This cooperation is currently still in the negotiation phase.

Why never-again-without?

After the last established student body was abolished in 1978, the students at the University of Zurich did not have an independent and legitimate student body. After more than 30 years, the time has come again and we never want to be without an established student body ever again, because an active voice is needed at the university to represent us.

Where can I find out more about the VSUZH?

You can find all the most important information on our website. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for ongoing updates - you can find the social media links right here at the bottom of the page. If you have further questions you can of course also contact us by email at . In addition, the VSUZH board members are available to you personally and by telephone at the office: +41 44 634 21 92

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