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Your first semester

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This illustration, created at the Center
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The Ersti Fair, the stand exhibition in the atrium (Lichthof), where the UZH student organizations can introduce themselves to freshmen during the freshman days (EST).

The Ersti Fair will take place from Wednesday 15th to Friday, September 17th, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., in the atrium of the main building [COL].


The Ersti Fair will take place on the Irchel campus on September 28, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the atrium.

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Get an overview of all exhibiting student organizations!


Free entry

for students in their first semester*

*Student card starting with 21-... needed

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Friday the 24th of Sept. Starting 9:00 p.m.

in the MÄX

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Discord enables us to stay connected online. A place that we can design together.

The link takes you directly to the UZH student server.

For some help, see our short guide .

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VSUZH Discord

ERSTI Raffle

4x boxes 3 socks each


* The socks do not exactly match the pairs shown.

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Annual membership
3x Kunsthaus Zurich
3x Republik


1x 100 CHF when taking out new insurance

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  • Only UZH students whose matriculation number begins with "21-" are admitted to the raffle.

  • Multiple participations will be deleted.

  • The winners will be contacted in October 2021.

  • Contacted winners must submit a photo of their UZH Legi for confirmation. Only if the matriculation number matches the given matriculation number and begins with "21-", the price will be transferred.

Take part in the raffle!

You participated successfully.

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Be ready for the online semester

Despite returning to face-to-face teaching at UZH, it can make sense to be prepared for online courses.

In addition to the classic OLAT, we will probably continue to use the tools Zoom and Microsoft Teams . Both programs are made available to you free of charge. It should also be emphasized that the entire Microsoft Office 365 is made available to you free of charge, so you can save the license costs.



Zoom offers users a fairly accessible interface. In most cases, once you have installed the program, click on an invitation link and it will connect you directly to your course.

Your most important buttons are the mute button and the "raise hand" function, which you can find in the participant list of the meeting.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is particularly suitable not only for holding lectures, but also for tracking work, setting appointments and basically offers more functions to document a work process. This also makes the program a little more complex to understand.

Your account will be added to the team with their email address and you will have to call up the team and join when the meeting starts.

We also recommend that you take a look at the other licenses that you can get with your enrollment.

Here you can find a list of all programs.

Your student association!

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The University of Zurich would not exist without you, us, the students. We make up a significant part of our university and sometimes know best what it means to study.


The students' assessments and ideas are enormously important for the future of the university - the VSUZH, the Association of Students of the University of Zurich, is here to concentrate them and direct them to where they can be implemented.


We are your official representation at UZH and you can be part of it! Whether as an elected council member, delegate or board member, there are numerous opportunities to get involved in the topics that are important to you!



With your membership you confirm that students have a say at the university and enable a variety of offers and events.

Your membership gives you access to competitions, discounted tickets for cultural offers, festivals, leisure activities, sports days, speed dating, as well as the option for free legal advice.

Find out more about our offers and events here .


The work that is less visible to everyone is that which takes place in dialogue in various groups.

We stand up for the interests of the students in our council, commissions, committees, working groups, support groups, sounding boards, monitoring, etc.


In doing so, we rely on the cooperation with the study associations and the openness of the university, so that every single person can be heard.

Every day the students experience what it means to study and quickly develop a feeling for what is important for the study and where there is potential for improvement.

The door is always open to you to get involved in the VSUZH. You can find out more here.


am i a member?

When you enroll for the first time, it is very possible that you do not yet know what the VSUZH is and does. When you enrolled for a degree program, you had the option of making three voluntary contributions:

  • Foundation “Student Union Loan Fund” with CHF 7

  • Foundation “Solidarity Fund for Foreign Students in Zurich" with CHF 5

  • Membership fee for the Association of Students of the University of Zurich (VSUZH) with CHF 14

So it may be that you are not sure whether you are a member of the VSUZH or not. This is very easy to check, because your membership for the current semester is always visible on your validated student ID.

Help is important!

The beginning of your studies is usually associated with a lot of changes and new challenges. You belong to one of thousands of new students and are never alone with your questions, problems or fears.

You can get help from different sources:

Fellow students

We're all sitting in the same boat. Ask the person next to you - maybe this is the beginning of a new friendship.



Our lecturers have already taught many first-semester students and have chosen this profession because they want to help you.


Study association