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Study buddy


Sept. 2021: Service
currently unavailabel

This is a first prototype - we hope that this offer will make studying more motivating for some. If something does not work or there is potential for improvement, send us your feedback at .

For many of us, good friends and exchanges with fellow students are just as much a part of our studies as the reading relevant journals, laboratory experiments, going to the library or our morning tea / coffee.

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We have therefore launched a project so that, even during a semester in the home office, you have the easiest possible opportunity to study with one or more other people.


In addition to your modules, your study association is the best point of contact for learning groups. First, ask your acquaintances. Being close to the subject helps enormously.


If there is no study association for your subject, then create one yourself, we will be happy to help: D

A first matching - allocation to study groups - takes place as soon as we have received enough registrations.

An initial analysis of the registrations and communication to all participants will take place on March 26th.

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